Hard anodizing is a sulfuric acid process using a low electrolyte temperature with high degree of agitation to produce a high surface hardness of the anodic layer. A typical thickness of 50 um or above with a hardness of 200 HV or above can be produced by this sub-zero anodizing process.


As customers have different needs, we can prepare various surface treatments on samples according to your needs. Please send your enquires together with alloy types, thickness and surface hardness and/or other requirements along by E mail. We shall do the best to accommodate your needs and requirements.


We work with reputable European & Chinese suppliers to offer the most affordable turnkey solution of hard anodizing plants including design, manufacture, and installation, training as well as after sales service to meet requirements from various customers. In some countries, we can offer just main units together with necessary accessories units. All other tanks and parts can be produced locally according to the design of the plant.


Our partners in China & Europe have been working in this industry for many years. Thus, valuable advises and solutions can be offered from design to installation and training stages until the completion of the whole project.


On the chemical supply chain, at start up, we can supply from cleaners, hardcoat additives, hardcoat black dyes, room temperature sealants as well as special water based Teflon to meet various customer requirements.


Recently, we commissioned a hardcoat plant in China for ADC 12 & A 380 diecast aluminum alloys. The test trial involved an engine cover made of A 380 and a component inside an electronic drill made of ADC 12. The process was carried out at -5C for about 45 minutes to achieve an anodic coating thickness of 50 um.


Feel free to contact us for more process details.