Chung Kong Chemical Co., Ltd was found in 1999. We started selling chemicals and anodizing colors to the aluminum surface finishing industry in China. Our feature products include chemicals for anodizing, anodizing dyestuffs, hot and cold sealants, Teflon for hardcoat, chrome-free conversion coatings as well as anodizing resists.


In China, we have offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, Dong Guan and Kun San. A well equipped laboratory was also built in Dong Guan in 2008 to provide technical services and product developments to serve the need of the China market.


In 2005, we are in full co-operation with Hubbard Hall Inc, in the US to re-present their cleaning and rust preventives product lines in China. Key products include a full spectrum of cleaners and various rust preventives for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


In the recent years, we successfully developed a full distribution network in South East Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia as well as Vietnam. Our future goal is to develop the business based on long term co-operation and mutual benefits with our customers, distributors and suppliers.


In 2013, we entered a total new business world of catalyst by working with Porocel in the US to promote their catalyst products in China’s oil and gas fields.